Niftiest Thing Evah!

Awhile back I posted on our Facebook Page that I had ordered a JoTotes camera bag and that I was waiting eagerly for it to arrive.  I really wanted a cute, purse-like camera bag that I could use for carrying my camera to everyday, non-photo session events.  Like weddings and birthday parties and such.  Well, my bag finally arrived… and… well, it was adorable… and awesome… but it was soooo not 5′ 2″ frame friendly… and it looked more like I was carrying a suitcase rather than a camera bag… and… well… I decided to return it. *sniff*  Sad day.  So, after I packed the too-big-but-uber-cute bag back in it’s box with a promise that I held no ill-will towards it, I sent it off… and was back to square one. 

Until a few weeks ago…

Have you ever started to read a post from your favorite blog, and then you followed a link from that blogger to another blog, only to follow another link to another blog, and so on and so forth?  Yeah, I do that alot.  Anyway, that happened to me one day and I somehow landed on a blog post (I honestly don’t even remember the name of the blog now!) about a Camera Bag/Purse Insert. 

And it’s GENIUS, y’all!!!


This nifty little guy…

…get’s filled up with all my camera paraphernalia…

… and then I plop him right into my purse!

 BAM!  Stylish camera bag!


And the best part is that I can pop this insert into any purse/bag that I want in seconds and I’m out the door.  So. Cool.  If you want to carry your camera around stylishly but can’t afford to get a big fancy camera bag, get one of these babies.  It’ll change your life.


(I found my insert at Season’s Totes on Etsy.)





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