Cali Ashton | Senior Session

This lovely lady is somewhat of a regular here on the blog.  If you haven’t already seen her here though, you’ve probably seen her at a photo session (at least you have if you’re a client).  This is Cali.  2013 Senior.  My photo assistant, lover of nearly any singer from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or 70’s (we’re talking Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, The Beach Boys, The Supremes, ABBA…), the cause of many a belly ache from laughing. so. much., and… my youngest sister. *sniff*

Congratulations on reaching your senior year, Hun Bun!  I’m so very proud of you!


Lest any of you who know Cali personally think she has become all sweet expressions and compliant photo model, fear not. She’s still very much… well… Cali.


Really, I have no idea where she gets all that  “crazy”  from. *ahem*

Many thanks to our middle sister, Tori (not to be confused with the other Middle Sister), who substituted as my assistant.  *sigh*  I love my sisters a whole lot.

You know there are more photos from this Senior Session on our Facebook Page (there always are) so go ahead and check them out!

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