The Little Man Cave


It’s finished. Ready and waiting for it’s first wee occupant.

My husband and I have never been fans of calling a baby’s room a “nursery”. I have no idea why, I guess we’re just weird like that. When we found out we were going to have a son I immediately started calling him “Little Man”, so naturally his room was dubbed the  “Little Man Cave”.

Here’s a small glimpse of the room before.

Actually, that’s not at all how it looked in the very beginning. Imagine the interior of an overstuffed garage. That’s how it really looked. Seriously. We had everything from a weight bench to tool boxes to paint cans to mountain bikes in there. You could barely step into the room at all!

But now?

Now it looks like this…


We love it. Every. last. inch of it. And we can’t wait for there to be a wee small man sleeping and playing and being all sorts of adorable in it.

Come on, Little Man. Mommy and Daddy are so ready to meet you.

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