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Greetings, lovely blog readers!

As a small business owner I have always relied heavily on word-of-mouth advertising to help promote Wenzel Photography. There’s very little extra money floating around in the business budget to pay for advertising. Especially when I have other things to pay for, like taxes, and web hosting, and $1800.00 lenses (photography equipment is expensive, ya’ll). So it’s a good thing for me that I have such wonderful clients who have spread the word and told their friends, aunts, cousins and half step neighbor-in-laws about my business. You guys are wonderful and if I could I’d give every one of you a big ol’ THANK YOU hug! It’s because of you that my business is still in existence, so thank you a million times over!!

But… how would you all like a little something more than just a thank you hug in return for telling other folks about Wenzel Photography? Well, we aim to please around here so here you go.

Introducing Wenzel Photography’s new REFERRAL PROGRAM! I’m calling it…


If you’ve had a photo session with me recently, or if you have a session in the future, you’ll receive a Share the Love referral kit containing 10 uber awesome little cards like these…

I love these litte guys. So cute and compact, perfect for carrying around in your purse, diaper bag, backpack, man bag, whatever. Totally easy to whip out and hand to your friends when they compliment you on the fabulous photos from your photo session.

If you give your friend one of these cards, and said friend books a portrait session with me before the card expires, then your friend will get a $20 print credit  to use in their online portrait gallery! Plus, for every card you hand out that makes it back to me before the expiration date, you get a $20 print credit good for your next portrait session! There is no limit to the print credits you can receive, so if all 10 of your cards are returned to me before they expire then you get $200 in print credit!

And that’s a lot of prints.

So, if you’ve had a photo session recently, keep an eye on your mailbox because one of these referral kits is on it’s way to you so you can “Share the Love” and get a little love in return. 🙂


Happy Sharing!


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