Tomas & Hannah | Portrait Session

Oh, Tomas and Hannah…

This couple has been on the blog many, many times beforeand with every photo session they completely knock it out of the park. So when Hannah asked me a few months ago about booking a married couple/anniversary/post wedding portrait session I just knew it was going to be good. But I was wrong.

It was fabulous.

(By the way, I love, love, love when married couples want to have a photo session. No kids yet. Just the two of them. In normal, every day clothes that aren’t fancy wedding attire. How many couples have that??? Very few, I’d wager. But can you imagine how much their future children will love having photos like these of their parents? They need to know that mom and dad had a life between the wedding day and the day baby arrived and made them a family of three. I wish that my husband and I had more photos taken of ourselves before our son arrived. We were married 8 years before the little man joined us and we have one (1!) photo session that took place in those 8 years. I’m so thankful for that one, but sooooo much happened in those 8 years and I wish we had more to show for it.)

Anyway, back to this gorgeous couple and their gorgeous photos. We had the best day ever for this photo session. The temp was perfect, the scenery was perfect, and the sun… ohmywordthesun. It was perfection.

Tomas and Hannah are also looking fabulous on the Facebook Page! Won’t you go show them some love by leaving a “like” or a comment on their photos? 🙂

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